If you’ve been considering your packaging equipment needs and are looking for an economical solution to automate your shipping processes and save you time, money and hassle, we think you’ll find the advantages of the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO are hard to beat.

Look for Affordable, Durable Construction

The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO was specifically designed to improve pack-to-ship performance while minimizing labor requirements and reducing product damage, all at a price that’s easy to live with when you compare it to competing packaging machinery on the market.

Are You Ready to Make a Purchase?

The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO is manufactured in the USA and comes with a full warranty. A customer can elect to ship us test pallets to wrap, TAB Industries will wrap their pallets on our in-house TAB WRAPPER TORNADO and videotape us doing so (we will email the video file to the customer for their review). At the conclusion of the test wrapping the customer is also responsible to schedule and cover the freight to ship the wrapped pallets back to their facility. With this method, the customer is able to see how their wrapped pallets will arrive at their customers’ facilities. The only thing the customer will need to provide is their test pallets and the freight to and from TAB Industries, LLC’s facility. For more information on our pallet wrapping machine, please feel free to reach out to us for free consultation.