Stainless steel distributor protects valuable fittings, speeds packaging and cuts costs with new orbital wrapping machine

Bob Hunter felt a hint of apprehension almost every time he shipped an order out to a  customer.  As branch manager for Ta Chen International’s Houston, Texas operations, he  manages the comings and goings of more than one million pounds of stainless steel per  day for the master distributor of stainless, aluminum and nickel alloy coils, sheets, plates,  long products, tubes and fittings. While all non-ferrous metals face a variety of risks during  transport from exposure to weather and rust to careless handling and failed packaging  –any one of which could cause enough damage to cause the shipment to be rejected–  moving stainless steel fittings over the road carries additional risk.

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Full-Service Metals Manufacturer Cuts Reject Rate in Half with Automated Wrapping Machinery

When considering the many steps involved in producing polished medical equipment, finished office equipment and a host of metal components and parts from design, manufacture and finishing to assembly, inspection and delivery, and when considering the  time, effort and costs involved with each step, it seems that packaging and shipping for  delivery would be the easiest parts of the process. But for Mark Schoenborn, chief  operating officer at full-service metals manufacturer DeWys Manufacturing, Marne,  Michigan, it was exactly these final parts of the process that nagged at his mind.