How to Select a Stretch Wrapping Machine for Your Application

Learning how to operate and finding the right stretch wrapping machine may seem overwhelming for some organizations at first. However, if you want your fabrication, warehouse, or distribution facility to be as efficient as possible, investing in this type of equipment is a must. We at TAB Industries, LLC encourage our customer base to feel free to reach out to us to ensure that the right machine is recommended for each specific application.

How Does a Shrink Wrap Machine Work?

A shrink wrap machine is an important investment for many manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers. The implementation of one of these machines will allow the operator to easily and efficiently wrap product to pallet with a protective layer of film. The application of the film can either be done in an orbital or vertical fashion. Unlike with metal or poly strapping, the film completely covers the product on the pallet, preventing said product from shifting in transit and protecting it from its surrounding environment. Once one becomes familiar with the operation and benefits of implementing a shrink wrap machine into one’s application, you may find that this type of machine is an ideal investment for your operation. There are various companies that make these machines, but our solutions are highly effective and very simple to use.