Plastic Wrap Machine – Your Packaging Problems Solved

How are you currently wrapping your packages and products? Whether you are in industrial or retail applications, one thing is for sure – properly securing your product for transit can be difficult at best. The good news is that with the right plastic wrap machine, it may be possible to turn your packaging process into a simple and enjoyable operation.

What Does the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Do Differently That Matters So Much?

The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO plastic wrap machine can resolve many packaging issues. First, it is fast and efficient, getting the work done within a shorter amount of time while utilizing less workers. It is also designed to increase the yield out of your packaging film, lowering your overall costs. In addition, it is one of the best ways to protect whatever you are wrapping while reducing the amount of potential damage to your product.

Are You Ready for a Seamless Packing Process?

If you are looking to make an improvement to your packaging and shipping process, choosing a new plastic wrap machine is the best solution for most operations. Turn to TAB WRAPPER TORNADO to learn more about the options available to you.

How to Select The Best Quality Stretch Wrap Machine?

When investing in packaging equipment, there are plenty of options on the market. However, some of these options may leave you wanting more. Consumers must do their homework to find the appropriate wrapper that is both cost effective yet reliable and efficient. Just like with any equipment purchase, it is important to take the time to explore all options in order to make an educated decision.

Why The Best Matters

When choosing the best stretch wrap machine for your application, you accomplish several goals. First, you are buying a system that is designed to be long lasting. Having a wrapper that will work reliably for you for years to come without a lot of maintenance and upkeep should be the top goal of every purchasing manager. When your machine operates efficiently, it is saving you time and money. Also, by operating efficiently, the wrapper is helping to keep your employees safe. Minimizing risks to safety is always important. By choosing the wrapper best suited for your application increases in throughput will quickly become evident.

Finding the Best Solution for Your Operations

At TAB Industries, we know that the right stretch wrap machine makes all the difference. We want our customers to work closely with us to ensure that they are getting a system that corresponds best with their needs and specific application. Call us to learn more.

FABTECH 2019 – Booth #A3384

TAB Industries, LLC will be exhibiting at the FABTECH show in Chicago, IL at McCormick Place from November 11th until November the 14th. Please make sure to stop by Booth #A3384 to see the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine in action. For more information on the FABTECH show, please feel free to visit the following site (FABTECH).

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Come see the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine in action at Booth #A3384


Boedeker Plastics Inc. Purchases a TAB WRAPPER TORNADO

TAB Industries, LLC and the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO team are grateful for all our loyal and supportive customers but today we want to give a special shout-out to Boedeker Plastics Inc. Boedeker Plastics, Inc recently purchased a 100” TAB WRAPPER TORNADO from us and they were kind enough to shoot the video attached to this post showing their pleasure with the machine and their TAB WRAPPER TORNADO in action.

Boedeker Plastics Inc is committed to offering the latest technology to service their customer base. It is their goal to serve a wide variety of industries with quality product and services. For more information on Boedeker Plastics Inc’s product offering and services, please feel free to visit their website ( or reach out to them by phone (800-444-3485).

For more information on the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO please feel free to email ( or call (610-921-0012)


Last Thursday TAB Industries, LLC celebrated our 4th annual Employee Appreciation Day. Every year the staff is treated to a day of baseball, food, and fun at a Reading Fightin Phils game (The Philadelphia Phillies’ Double A farm team). Even though the weather wasn’t cooperating (cold and rainy) it didn’t stop our employees from getting a well-deserved break for some fun at the ball park.

TAB Industries, LLC is fortunate to have such a friendly, dedicated, and hardworking staff. We really are one big family here at TAB Industries, LLC and we believe that is one of the reasons why we are a successful business. We all work together to make sure the job gets done and we feel we have a top notch staff!

The entire staff is now back to work and ready and willing to help serve our customer base with all jobs that come our way!

If you would like to learn more about TAB Industries LLC, the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO, or are interested in becoming a member of our team, please feel free to give us a call (610-921-0012) or visit our websites ( and (


TAB Industries, LLC. is very happy to announce that the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine has been awarded the 2018 Material Handling Product News Readers Choice Product of the Year Award for the Packaging/Pallets division. This is the second time that the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO has been awarded this prestigious honor (also the 2016 award winner). .

The American made TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine is perfect for wrapping pallets of various shapes and sizes securely and efficiently. Our ergonomic, patent pending design allows the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO to be used across a wide variety of industries and results in increased throughput and reduced freight damage claims.

All of us at TAB Industries, LLC. would like to thank our loyal customer base and staff for all the support and hard work. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. 2018 was a great year for the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO and the TAB Industries, LLC team looks forward to continued opportunities and product advancements in 2019.


If you are like most metal fab shops, you are always looking for ways to improve your efficiencies and reduce your packaging cost. The implementation of a TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine, by TAB industries, LLC, will provide your company with a viable way to increase efficiencies and profitability.

Don’t take our word for it, simply ask Jim Huff at H & H Metals. In a recent article that appeared in FABshop Magazine Direct, Jim Huff talks about the importance of streamlining one’s operation, especially when dealing with a product line that is high volume yet low margin. Jim looks to achieve increased efficiencies by implementing automation to as many of H & H’s processes as possible. Thanks to the implementation of a semi-auto 80” TAB WRAPPER TORNADO, Jim was able to wrap his palletized finished product in approximately (1) minute or less. Prior to the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO, two trained sheet metal technicians had to be taken away from their work to perform the cumbersome 15 to 20 minutes per pallet process of hand wrapping each pallet.

TAB Industries, LLC would like to extend a big thank you to FABshop Magazine Direct for running this article in their September 2018 edition and to the staff at H & H Metals for their continued support of the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO brand.

For more information on the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine and for ways it can improve your company’s efficiencies, please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 610-921-0012.

Check out the article here  and for more information on H & H Metals please feel free to visit their website here.


We Work Sundaes

This month the employees at TAB Industries, LLC were treated to a surprise visit by the Sweet Ride ice cream truck in appreciation for all their hard work this summer. This has been one of TAB Industries, LLC’s busiest summers to date. Without the hard work of our dedicated staff this recent success would not be possible.

Sweet Ride Ice Cream is a local small business, located in West Reading, PA. Being a family owned business ourselves, TAB Industries, LLC always tries to support other small businesses whenever possible.

The ice cream sundaes and floats certainly hit the spot on this hot summer day. Our staff is refreshed and ready to take on your next job. Have a great rest of your summer everyone!

Greater Reading top businesses

Greater Reading Top 50 Businesses for 2018

TAB Industries, LLC is very excited and proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, we have been selected as one of the Greater Reading Top 50 businesses by the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The entire TAB Industries’ team has continued to work very hard to make our company one of the higher performing companies in our area. Without our dedicated and knowledgeable staff, we could not have achieved this honor.

We would like to thank the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce and Industry for this recognition and we would also like to congratulate the other companies on this list for their achievement. TAB Industries, LLC will continue to strive to be a high performing company and will continue to represent our community in a positive light.