TWT Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm

The TAB Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm fully automates the pallet wrapping process. This contactless orbital stretch wrapping system features a proprietary sensor array that automatically detects the presence of a pallet load ready for wrapping, automatically scans and calculates the pallet and product dimensions, automatically determines the ideal number of wraps, and automatically feeds, wraps, and discharges the pallet load safe and secure encased in protective plastic. We’re sure this is the safest, fastest, most efficient way to stretch wrap large volumes of palletized products of all kinds.

Fully customizable based on the product, target throughput rate, and other factors, the Perfect Storm takes the patented TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital technology to another level of automation. The lift truck operator raises a pallet load for wrapping and instead of driving towards the center of the wrapping ring as with other models, the operator simply sets the pallet load on the built-in infeed conveyor, then backs away. After pressing start on the touch-screen HMI, the Perfect Storm does everything else. It feeds, encases the pallet load 360 degrees around and under the pallet and the product in protective plastic, and discharges – automatically. In as little as 15 seconds, the lift truck operator can pick up the pallet load from the discharge conveyor as a stable, unitized load ready for delivery, warehousing or movement in-plant.

Automated Perfect Storm Is Easy to Use

The TAB Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm features a colorful, touch-screen HMI with a clear, intuitive, visual menu structure that anyone in the packaging department can learn to use safely with confidence in five minutes. To make it as easy as possible, the HMI comes pre-loaded with built-in, video training guides covering setup, operation, and preventative maintenance. Since these instructional videos stay within the machine at all times, it’s easy to review in seconds at any time.

The entire automated orbital pallet wrapping operation can be safely performed by a single operator in less than one minute. No banding, no strapping, no boxes, crates or corrugated containers are needed.

Start with a 115″, 100”, or 80” TAB Wrapper Tornado based on the height of the pallet load. TAB offers a deep menu of optional accessories to meet specific requirements such as extended and powered conveyors, built-in load cells, and multiple pallet accumulation zones. See options here.

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