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Our employees are very happy with the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® – we should've bought this a long time ago.

Greg Williams
Southern Metalcraft, Inc.

Southern Metalcraft, Inc.

Southern Metalcraft, Inc.

The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® provides a faster more efficient and effective way to secure processed parts on pallets.

James Morgan
Director of Corporate Operations
Siskin Steel and Supply

Siskin Steel and Supply

Richards Sheet Metal has found that the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® has provided significant savings in time and has decreased the number of parts that become damaged as we introduced automated wrapping of pallets and parts. The simplicity of operation, the sturdy construction of the machine itself, and the convenience of the wireless remote control have made this a win win in our shipping and receiving department. Our only regret, we didn’t buy one sooner.”

Sterling N. Jensen
Richards Sheet Metal

Richards Sheet Metal

Richards Sheet Metal

We Have been using the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO from TAB Industries for 3 years now. We currently have 4 machines and in the process of adding a 5th. We increased our efficiency, improved our image, and reduced employee injuries the day we started using the machines. Great tool for our company. Very good quality, and great customer service from the team at TAB Industries, LLC.

Charlie Justice
Vice President
City Pipe and Supply Corp

City Pipe and Supply Corp

The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO is working great and I know for a fact that the guys love it, in fact I am not sure we would have survived without it- it saves a lot of time.

Vanessa Heim
Strategic Development Manager
Brenco Industries

Brenco Industries

The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO has helped streamline our business, save on labor costs, and ensure our products arrive safely every time. It's one of our best investments and we're very happy with it.

Steve Lewis
Oregon Powder Coating

Oregon Powder Coating

Monti incorporated is always looking to advance our technology. We do this in many ways, including visiting IMTS and FABTECH yearly. During these shows, we focus our efforts on opportunities in manufacturing.

First seeing the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO in 2014 at FABTECH, I was a bit surprised a shipping product made my top 10 potential advancements list to review for my entire plant. After seeing further automated advancements on the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO in 2017, we made our purchase. The only regret was waiting 3 years to do so. Not all wrapping machines are created equal and the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO'S unique wrapping technology has proven to be Super-fast and reliable. We now have extreme confidence when our packaging leaves our dock!

Nick LaVigne
Plant Manager
Monti Incorporated

Monti Incorporated

TorcSill Foundations purchased an 80" TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® in November of 2016 and we couldn't be happier with our unit. Our wrapper had a quick and easy installation, minimal maintenance, and is simple to use. This unit safely secures our odd shaped steel parts for cross country shipments requiring a fraction of previous labor costs. Prior to purchasing the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® our pallet wrapping was inefficient and at times imperfect. This unit has paid for itself in less than a year!

DMitriech Torres
Manufacturing/Quality Engineer
TorcSill Foundations, LLC

TorcSill Foundations, LLC

I consider the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® to be the industry’s best practice. It allows us to work safer and faster, and it just plain works.

Charlie Mack
General Manager


Charlie Mack and Tab Wrapper Tornado

The TAB WRAPPER has virtually eliminated customer complaints due to issues with load shifting in transit, it saves time, saves on labor and we wrap everything we physically can on it. Purchasing a TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® is definitely worth it for anybody who wants their products to arrive safely after they're shipped out the door.

Mark Schoenborn
Chief Operating Officer
DeWys Manufacturing

DeWys Manufacturing
man using machinery in warehouse

In July of 2014, our company, Fidelity Technologies Corporation purchased the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®. Prior to purchasing the unit I met with their leadership team. I was very impressed with Tom and Andy. Right in the beginning I felt at ease and the trust started to develop. Our company had specific requirements for wrapping the product. Our Customer witnessed a demo using the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® to secure the product to the skid. Our Customer was sold! TAB's technology wraps the product to the skid on a horizontal axis. This process securely locks the product to the skid. We were looking into crates, steel banding and other alternatives. We were able to save money using regular skids. This wrapper takes the worry away from safety injuries that occur with hand wrapping. Our output has increased and we have not received any damage claims. One occasion, our operator damaged the unit. TAB Industries, LLC helped to repair the wrapper in a timely fashion and was very accommodating. This investment has paid off for Fidelity Technologies. I highly recommend the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®!

Timothy P. Ippolito
Director of Operations
Fidelity Technologies Corporation


We just recently purchased our second TAB Tornado wrapper and couldn't be happier with the results. Not only has it increased our pallet wrapping efficiencies and has allowed us to reduce our staffing levels in our shipping department, but it has also allowed us to wrap our pallets in a safer and more professional appearing manner. Being able to secure our material to the pallets via the orbital wrapping process helps to ensure that our deliveries arrive undamaged since the material is less likely to shift during transit.

Whitney Ashbridge
Mechanicsburg Distribution Center Manager
Haines, Jones & Cadbury

Haines, Jones & Cadbury

The crew from TAB Industries, LLC did a great job setting up and training us on our New TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®. The team at TAB Industries, LLC was a great deal of help every step of the way. Everything on the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® from fit, finish, to operation are all top notch.

Bryan Goehl
Vice President of Manufacturing
Gable Company

Gable Company Gable Company Tab Wrapper Machine

Steel King has had two TAB WRAPPER TORNADOS® in service for more than a year, running 120 plus hours per week. The team at TAB WRAPPER was extremely helpful from the start of our project as both were integrated into a semi-automated packaging process. The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®S provided a cost effective solution for Steel King, resulting in significant cost savings in our packaging process by eliminating excess banding, labor, and shipping claims.

Mike Milheiser
Custom Machine Lead
Steel King

Steel King

The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® is the best piece of equipment I've ever purchased.

James Best
Best Manufacturing, Inc.

Best Manufacturing, Inc.

Our TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® was installed last summer. The unit has exceeded our expectations in providing a secure and professionally wrapped skid of finished materials. As a metal finisher, the first impression of our services is the delivered materials to our customers. If the materials are not delivered free of shipping and packaging damage, all our work prior to the final delivery is for not. We have reduced this quality defect and concern to virtually zero PPM since the installation and use of the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®. It is an investment that has paid for itself since it has been installed.

Terry Spisak
Surtech Industries


The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® is a quality machine that has streamlined how we handle packaging and material handling. I’d recommend it for every fab shop, especially the wireless remote. If you want to operate the right way, this is how.

Jim Huff
VP - Estimating
H&H Metals

H&H Metals

We were looking for an easy efficient way to Stretch wrap some very abnormally shaped and various sized pallets for our new line of American Fyre Design outdoor fireplaces, BBQ Islands, and Firetables. The old method required units to be banded with metal straps and stretch wrapped. The Pallets would not fit on a conventional wrapping machine and therefore had to be wrapped by hand. The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® eliminated the metal bands as the wrapper secures the product to the pallet and length of the pallet was no longer an issue as it would wrap the longest items we could put through the machine. With the stretch wrap cutter, material handlers could stay on the forklift and wrap the item very quickly using the remote control. It has significantly reduced the packaging time for long and odd shaped items.

Dominque Seim
Senior Managing Director
RH Peterson Co.

RH Peterson
TAB Wrapper shippment

I visited TAB Industries, LLC. yesterday in Reading, PA and saw the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® in operation! This is a GREAT machine that WILL REDUCE operational COSTS and CLAIMS from DAMAGED Freight!

We're ALL IN at TPA with the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®!!!

Patrick J. Whipp
Vice President of Sales, TPA Solutions

TPA Solutions

man welding Tab Wrapper

We ship a great deal of stainless fittings and we were having a lot of problems properly packaging our product to ensure that the material made it to its destination safely without damaging or losing pieces along the way. We approached TAB Industries, LLC to see if they had a solution to our problem and they introduced us to their industrial orbital stretch wrap machine, the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®.

After spending less than a week using this amazing product we were sold. Our costs for shipping material have improved significantly due to greater efficiency and reduced labor and material costs. Thanks to the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® we no longer need to use expensive metal banding nor "turn-table" stretch wrap units that only feebly wrap product to product instead of locking the product to the pallet. The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® is fast and does an outstanding job securing our product to the pallet. We have not had any packaging issues since we began using the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® one year ago!

This piece of equipment is phenomenal!

Bob Hunter
Branch Manager (Houston, TX)
TA CHEN International Inc.

TA Chen Industries

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