Whether in an industrial or commercial setting, time is money. Stretch wrap is one of the best ways to minimize material cost, as well as the overall time it takes to get your packages wrapped and on the go. Stretch wrapping is a must for companies conscious of increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

What Are the Benefits of Orbital Stretch Wrapping?

The American made, economically priced TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine wraps your product directly to the pallet.

Unlike a standard shrink wrapper or stretch wrap machine that wraps product-to-product, the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO secures the load to the pallet with a protective layer of film providing greater stability and protection for every shipment, even odd-sized loads.

With the implementation of a TAB WRAPPER TORNADO you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Improved packing and shipping efficiencies
  • Reduced labor and material costs
  • Reduced freight damage claims

Finding the Right Solution for Your Business Is Easy

When you need a solution for stretch wrapping, look no further than the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine. Our wrappers are designed to be easy to operate and highly efficient. Let us help you choose the right solution for your operation.