Get a free test with your product on the TAB Wrapper Tornado! We’re always testing the limits of our orbital wrapping machinery (and of physics) to see how much weight it can hold, how the load dimensions, shape, and other factors affect the wrapping performance, and to see how different grades of stretch wrap perform around different types of pallet loads. With this knowledge base of actual performance data and our in-house experience testing hundreds of different pallet loads ensures a high level of certainty that no matter how long, short, tall, heavy, light, or otherwise unique your product, there’s a TAB Wrapper Tornado that’s just right for you.

But just to make sure, and to show everyone else in the company how well it works, we’re happy to test your product before you order a wrapping machine. We’ll even livestream the test on Zoom, Facetime or another platform, or upload the video to YouTube with a private link to share around the company. Or, feel free to participate live and in person in our facility.

Just send us a pallet load of your parts or products and we’ll contact you to schedule the test when it arrives. As you watch how the TAB Wrapper Tornado encases your product in plastic stretch film, we’ll be there to answer any questions in real-time:

  • Operator training? Takes about five minutes. 
  • Installation? Arrives fully assembled and ready to plug in.
  • Replacement stretch wrap? Use almost any plastic stretch film or our own line of stretch wrap specified specifically for use on the TAB Wrapper Tornado.

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We just don’t get cuts from wrapping anymore and everyone feels better about doing the job right. With the TAB Wrapper, we’ve taken a task that nobody wanted to do and made it safer and easier. All my drivers love it and I consider the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® to be the industry’s best practice. It allows us to work safer and faster, and it just plain works.”

Charlie Mack

General Manager
Watertown, SC
Macksteel uses TAB Wrapper Tornado Charlie Mack