Watch Smart Controls model in wrapping action. One lift truck operator manages the pallet wrapping process using wireless remote control and automated cut and wrap from the forklift seat.

Step by step demonstration of the Smart Controls orbital stretch wrapper model in action using wireless remote operation for automated wrapping from the forklift seat.

Replacing stretch wrap rolls on Smart Controls orbital stretch wrapper model moves safe, fast, and easy. Here’s how. 

Watch how Portland Bolt and Manufacturing wraps tubes, boxes, round, and flat items all on one pallet. 

New Dual Dispensing system features two rolls of stretch wrap instead of one for twice the speed.

With wireless remote control and automated cut and wrap, one operator manages the entire packaging process from the forklift seat.

See how it works! TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard orbital wrapper wraps stretch film 360 around and under the pallet and load.

Fully automated Perfect Storm automatically feeds, wraps, and discharges the pallet load safe and secure encased in protective plastic. 

Stretch wrapping with the TAB Wrapper Tornado leaves the pallet openings clear for pallet jacks to access.

Watch this actual test demonstrating how stretch wrapping with the TAB Wrapper Tornado provides an incredibly strong and secure wrap.

Individual products and parts like this tire can be stretch wrapped for safe delivery without boxes.

How to operate the TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard, corded remote and wireless remote control.

This Box Wrapper automatically wraps plastic film around low profile products like these long, extruded parts.

See a 14-foot long pallet load wrapped on the TAB Wrapper Tornado via wireless remote control. Multiple views from inside and outside the orbital wrapper.

Bulk containers like these 55-gallon steel drums are safely secured to the pallet using the TAB Wrapper Tornado.

See how to use the built-in foam dispensing system to add cushioning automatically during the wrapping process.

Compilation video showing metal parts, drums, bulk bags, building products and more being wrapped on the TAB Wrapper Tornado, plus testing the wrap strength.

Metal tubing wrapped safe and secure in one minute.

Wrap metal parts in 35 seconds with automated cut and wrap device.

Preventative Maintenance Kits feature exactly the OEM parts needed to keep the TAB Wrapper Tornado running at peak performance.

See actual test of automated TAB Wrapper Tornado applying our proprietary rope impregnated stretch wrap around a pallet load of stacked metal products.

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