TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard

TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard

The TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard orbital stretchwrapper began Taking the Packaging World by Storm in 2011 and quickly earned a reputation among material handling pros as a dependable, economical, remarkable way to wrap pallets tight and secure. Hundreds of companies have since documented:

  • Streamlined packing and shipping efficiency
  • Big savings in labor and material costs
  • Elimination of freight damage claims
  • Faster, safer production with less or zero worker’s comp claims

The TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard also earned a stellar reputation in packaging and shipping departments as an easy to use, easy to learn, safe, and welcome relief to the danger and drudgery of manual pallet wrapping by hand. Many in the know owners and managers have said goodbye to the cuts, scrapes, back problems and other injury risks common to hand wrapping and now enjoy both the thanks of appreciative staffers and the savings in worker’s comp insurance.

The Standard models work as a semi-automatic orbital wrapping machine. The lift truck operator raises a pallet load and drives towards the center of the wrapping ring, attaches the end of the stretch film to the pallet, and returns to the driver’s seat with the corded remote control in hand. Pressing start, the TAB Wrapper Tornado automatically encircles the pallet load 360 degrees around and under the pallet and the product in protective plastic as the lift truck operator gradually moves forward or back until the wrapping is complete.

This process secures the load directly to the pallet as a stable, unitized pallet load that locks everything in place to stop shifting and sliding off the pallet – no more rejected orders due to damage in transit. Then the operator releases the start button, returns the remote control to the machine, and releases the end of the plastic stretch film from the pallet. When complete, the wrapped pallet may be loaded onto a truck for delivery, set in a warehouse rack for storage, or moved about the plant as work in process.

The entire pallet wrapping operation can be safely performed by a single operator in less than one minute. No banding, no strapping, no boxes, crates or corrugated containers are needed anymore. No conveyor is needed and the pallet stays on the forklift through the entire wrapping process.

This works for industrial parts and products with standard, oversized, uniform and irregular sizes and shapes, odd-sized loads with awkward or multiple centers of gravity, and nearly anything that fits through the wrapping ring. This orbital wrapping concept excels at wrapping long products that other packaging machines cannot even consider such as beams, bars, pipes, rods and channels, and can wrap continuously up to an infinite length, theoretically.

TAB Wrapper Tornado wrapped pallet pipesHorizontal Axis, Not Horizontal Turntable
A horizontal turntable wrapper can only apply the plastic film around the product – it wraps the product to itself around a vertical axis. It cannot address the top and bottom of the pallet load, and can only wrap standard pallet sizes. This can be just fine for cardboard cartons of a uniform size and weight that stack neatly. But for nearly anything else, the turntable wrapping machine cannot prevent the load from shifting side to side and sliding off the pallet.

All TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital stretch wrap machines, however, apply the wrap 360 degrees around a horizontal axis to address all six sides of the pallet load. Its tight compression force instills confidence when the wrapped pallet goes out for delivery and presents a strong, professional appearance upon safe arrival.

TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard Model Sizes:

  • 80” Accommodates 48″ x 48″ skid
  • 100″ Accommodates a 60″ x 60″ skid
  • 115″ Accommodates a 50″ wide pallet x 95″ tall

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Enhance the Standard models with these optional upgrades:

Pallet Wrapping ROI Calculator:

“The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO has helped streamline our business, save on labor costs, and ensure our products arrive safely every time. It’s one of our best investments and we’re very happy with it.”

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