Remote Operation/Automated Cut and Wrap

The TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping system enables a single worker to manage the entire packaging process using a remote control. Imagine one forklift driver wrapping one pallet load after another in seconds and getting a tighter, more secure wrap than ever thought possible with manual hand wrapping. All of the Standard and Smart Controls orbital wrappers are offered with a choice of a wireless remote control or a corded remote control that stays attached to the wrapping machine.

Both hand-held remote controls are operated from the interior of the forklift. With the wireless remote, and companion automated cut and wrap system installed on the machine, one worker not only manages the entire packaging process but can do it without ever leaving the seat of the forklift!

After moving the pallet load into the wrapping ring, the driver presses and releases the start button on the remote control to begin the wrapping process. When complete, the stop button is pressed, the wrapping machine stops, and the driver takes the wrapped pallet to storage or to a delivery truck. This is the pinnacle of safety and efficiency in the packaging department. The automated cut and wrap device eliminates the need to leave the forklift and secure the end of the film roll for the next pallet load.

With the corded remote, after the forklift driver moves the pallet load into the wrapping ring, he or she leaves the forklift, takes the remote control from the front of the machine, and returns to the seat of the forklift to wrap the pallet load by pressing and holding the start button. When complete, the stop button is pressed and the driver leaves the forklift, returns the remote control to the front of the machine, and returns to the forklift to transfer the wrapped pallet to storage or to a delivery truck. The process moves very quickly, and far faster than when wrapping pallets by hand.

Personal Remote Controls

To safeguard staff, prevent transfer from person to person, and virtually eliminate the potential for cross-contamination, each hand-held wireless remote control may be assigned to an individual forklift driver who operates the wrapping machine. Multiple wireless remote controls can be synched to the same orbital wrapper. This adds an extra layer of security, as well as safety.

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The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® is a quality machine that has streamlined how we handle packaging and material handling. I’d recommend it for every fab shop, especially the wireless remote. If you want to operate the right way, this is how.”

Jim Huff

VP – Estimating H&H Metals Thornton, CO
TAB Wrapper Tornado Oregon Powder Coating