The TAB Wrapper Tornado line of orbital wrapping machines is designed and manufactured by TAB Industries at its 44,000 square foot headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania – made in USA. The patented orbital wrappers automatically wrap plastic film 360 degrees around and under the pallet and the load to create a tight, secure, stable, unitized pallet load that eliminates shifting in transit and storage. No banding, strapping, crates, or containers are needed.

The breakthrough concept was developed when Tom Brizek, president of the family-owned and operated metalworking manufacturer TAB Industries, was searching for a way to wrap and deliver palletized steel doors that would protect the expensive doors from damage in transit. He noticed a hay baling machine wrapping plastic 360 degrees around the hay, and that night, designed the new orbital wrapping machine that wraps plastic film 360 degrees around both the pallet and the load, renowned today as the TAB Wrapper Tornado. Using the prototype pallet wrapper, rejected orders for damaged steel doors stopped instantly. So did worker’s comp claims in packaging and shipping.

Customers on the receiving end marveled at the clean, secure, professional look of their orders and wanted the same wrapping machine to send their parts and products out for delivery. That’s when Tom decided to offer the TAB Wrapper Tornado to everyone and founded the orbital wrapping machine manufacturer with Beth Brizek and son, Andy Brizek serving every type of company from growing metal shops and distributors to the Fortune 500. TAB Wrapper Tornado’s are in operation all over the world and the pallet wrapping system earned the Material Handling Product News Readers’ Choice Award – twice.

Call Andy Brizek at 610-921-0012 or abrizek@tabindustries.com for a free quote.

TAB Industries Andy Brizek, Tom Brizek

Andy Brizek and Tom Brizek of TAB Industries, Reading, PA


The crew from TAB Industries, LLC did a great job setting up and training us on our new TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®. The team at TAB Industries, LLC was a great deal of help every step of the way. Everything on the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® from fit, finish, to operation are all top notch.”

Bryan Goehl

Vice President of Manufacturing
Gable Company