Stretch Wrap

To take full advantage of the TAB Wrapper Tornado and promote maximum uptime, try the line of plastic stretch wrap selected specifically for these orbital wrapping machines. The TAB stretch wrap line was specified after many years of testing different types and grades of plastic stretch film on the TAB Wrapper Tornado by wrapping a huge variety of challenging pallet loads.

Extra heavy, hollow and round, oddly shaped, too sharp to handle, long and flimsy, loose groupings, awkward center of gravity – if it can be wrapped and delivered, we’ve probably tested it already. That’s how we learned to match different types of stretch wrap with different types of pallet loads to get superior performance from the plastic wrap and use less film per pallet load.

Types of Stretch Wrap Film For Sale

The TAB stretch wrap films for orbital wrappers are cast plastic instead of blowmolded plastic so the film has only one-sided cling and unwinds very quietly. The type of pallet load determines the recommended stretch wrap based on the level of puncture and tear resistance, force to load ratio, temperature sensitivity, and other film properties needed.

The TAB wraps come in 90-, 80-, and 65-gauges that deliver the load containment strength of heavier duty 120-gauge and 80-gauge films – this means less film is needed per pallet load. The strech film is stocked in our Reading, PA facility in clear, blue, and black. But we’ll also match custom corporate colors and add logos and branded graphics for an extra level of marketing value.

For packaging pros who haven’t yet automated the wrapping process, try TAB hand stretch wrap. This is a clear, cast plastic film for manual pallet wrapping. It provides high strength and unwinds quietly just like stretch wraps for automated orbital wrappers but is easy to apply by hand.

Try TAB as a reliable stretch wrap film supplier. Call Joel Brizek at (610)921-0012 or for a free quote.

Palletized Metal Parts Wrapped in Durable Stretch Wrap by TAB Wrapper Tornado

TWT-20120 Extra Heavy Stretch Wrap contains extra heavy pallet loads like these metal parts.

Pallet Load Wrapped in Black Stretch Wrap by TAB Wrapper Tornado

This black stretch wrap blocks light and hides the palletized load.

Forklift Driver Turns Wrapped Fittings Upside Down Testing TAB Wrapper Tornado

Don’t skimp on stretch wrap quality and strength.

Pallet Load Wrapped in Blue Stretch Wrap by TAB Wrapper Tornado

Many companies use colored stretch wrap as a marketing tool for brand extension and identification.

Pallet Load Wrapped in White Strech Wrap by TAB Wrapper Tornado

This white stretch film offers a high level of opacity instead of transparency.

Large Metal Valve Palletized and Wrapped with TAB Wrapper Tornado

TWT-2080 Standard delivers an excellent force-to-load ratio packing the strength of an 80-gauge stretch wrap into the thickness of a 65-gauge stretch wrap.

Pallet Load Wrapped in White Strech Wrap by TAB Wrapper Tornado

TWT-20120 Ribbed Stretch Wrap features a patent-pending approach that boosts the strength beyond extra heavy duty.

TAB stretch wrap rolls

Buy by the pallet load to save! Order two pallet loads of stretch wrap and we’ll pay the freight in the continental USA. It’s an easy way to stock up on plastic film and never run out.

In July of 2014, our company, Fidelity Technologies Corporation, purchased the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®. Prior to purchasing the unit I met with their leadership team. I was very impressed with Tom and Andy. Right in the beginning, I felt at ease and the trust started to develop. Our company had specific requirements for wrapping the product. Our Customer witnessed a demo using the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® to secure the product to the skid. Our Customer was sold! TAB’s technology wraps the product to the skid on a horizontal axis. This process securely locks the product to the skid. We were looking into crates, steel banding and other alternatives. We were able to save money using regular skids. This wrapper takes the worry away from injuries that occur with hand wrapping. Our output has increased and we have not received any damage claims. One occasion, our operator damaged the unit. TAB Industries, LLC helped to repair the wrapper in a timely fashion and was very accommodating. This investment has paid off for Fidelity Technologies. I highly recommend the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®!”

Timothy P. Ippolito

Director of Operations
Fidelity Technologies Corporation
Reading, PA