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TAB Industries, LLC Employee Appreciation Lunch

TAB Industries, LLC Employee Appreciation Lunch

Last week TAB Industries, LLC celebrated our annual employee appreciation lunch. Although we had to do things a little different this year, it was a well-deserved, socially distant break for all. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all our employees and their...

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Our TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® was installed last summer. The unit has exceeded our expectations in providing a secure and professionally wrapped skid of finished materials. As a metal finisher, the first impression of our services is the delivered materials to our customers. If the materials are not delivered free of shipping and packaging damage, all our work prior to the final delivery is for naught. We have reduced this quality defect and concern to virtually zero PPM since the installation and use of the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®. It is an investment that has paid for itself since it has been installed.”

Terry Spisak

President Surtech Industries York, PA
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