Oregon Powder Coating Automatically Turns Pallet Wrapping Into a One-Person Job

Reading, PA: Powder coating and sandblasting services company Oregon Powder Coating, Tangent, Oregon, has eliminated damage incurred in transit to its painted, metal parts and products by replacing its manual pallet wrapping process with an automated TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping machine. At an average of $2,000.00 in parts per pallet load and one order per 600 orders rejected each month due to manual pallet wrapping failures, the new stretch wrapper has saved approximately $24,000.00 in direct costs annually while also eliminating the rework, overtime, and redelivery needed to replace scratched, scuffed or otherwise damaged orders.

“Sometimes, the hand wrapping was too tight and would allow the film to tear, other times the wrap wasn’t tight enough and would allow the parts to slide about,” says Steve Lewis, owner of the $3 million per year operation. “We need to keep the parts secure in place to ensure they arrive safely in the same pristine condition as when they left the building.”

The new orbital wrapper developed and manufactured by TAB Industries, Reading, Pa., secures the powder coated parts to the pallet by wrapping stretch wrap 360 degrees around and under the pallet to create a sturdy, unitized pallet load that keeps the product in place whether in transit, on a lift truck or stored in a warehouse. With the TAB Wrapper Tornado, a single forklift driver operates the machine by remote control without leaving the seat while the pallet load stays raised on the forks. The wireless process turns a difficult two- or three-person job into an easy one-person job.

Lewis estimates the new wrapper, by cutting the wrapping process from five minutes or more to one minute or less, saves 1-1/2 hours per day per person. Critically, not one of the thousands of pallet loads wrapped on the TAB Wrapper Tornado has been returned due to product damage.

For more information on the TAB Wrapper Tornado, contact TAB Industries, LLC, 2525 N. 12th Street, Reading, PA 19605; 610-921-0012; info@tabwrapper.com or see www.tabwrapper.com.