After a record year for our TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping machines following 10 consecutive years of growth, we’re hiring all types of metal fabrication jobs to help support our manufacturing team and keep delivering on our impressive lead times. Each of our award-winning pallet wrappers uses more than 40 different metal parts and since we’re also custom metal fabricators, we make these metal plates, panels, latches and other parts in-house with our own laser cutters, CNC machines, and other automated metalworking equipment.

Metal Fabrication Jobs in Reading, PA

That means we’ve created new welding jobs, CNC machine jobs, sheet metal fabrication jobs, and other metal fab jobs in our Reading, PA facility and we’re actively seeking experienced industrial metal fabricators, welders, and others who are ready to help get the job done. We’re a family-owned company building high quality wrapping machines, we treat people the right way, we pay close attention to compensation and we take great pride in seeing our employees take on greater and greater roles as they earn more responsibility.

As a manufacturer, it would be tough to write a metal fabricating job description offering remote work. Sure, I can run our laser cutting machine from home but we really need to be on-site to build an orbital stretch wrapper. As a family-owned manufacturer, however, we can offer very flexible scheduling that a lot of big corporations refuse to even consider. Our people can usually make their own hours to avoid rush hour traffic, leave early to coach Little League, or to be home when the school bus arrives.

Yes, the salary is very competitive, yes, we include healthcare, vision, and dental benefits, a retirement fund, and everyone gets paid vacation. As owners and managers, we work side by side with our employees, we listen, and we all take worker safety very seriously. In fact, it’s our TAB Wrapper Tornado that makes the workplace safer for everyone.

We’re also always up for a mini-golf outing or trip to a ballgame.

If you’re interested in joining our team, call Tom Brizek at 610.921.0012.