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TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine

The American made, economically priced TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine wraps your product directly to the pallet.

Unlike a standard shrink wrapper or stretch wrap machine that wraps product-to-product, the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® secures the load to the pallet with a protective layer of film providing greater stability and protection for every shipment - even odd-sized loads.


Orbital Technology Is the Key

  • Wraps standard, oversized and irregularly-shaped loads with no restrictions.
  • Wraps around a horizontal axis, unlike a traditional stretch-wrapper or shrink wrap machine that wraps around a vertical axis.
  • Product can be wrapped confidently without removing the pallet from the forklift or through the utilization of a conveyor system.
  • Securely locks any load to the pallet without the use of banding or strapping.

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The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® pallet wrapping machine is available in 3 standard sizes:



Accommodates a 24" x 24" skid



Accommodates 48" x 48" skid



Accommodates a 60" x 60" skid

Need a pallet wrapping machine or shrink wrapper with different dimensions? We can customize the Tab Wrapper Tornado® for your needs! Just contact us for details.


What Our Clients Are Saying...

We ship a great deal of stainless fittings and we were having a lot of problems properly packaging our product to ensure that the material made it to its destination safely without damaging or losing pieces along the way. After spending less than a week using this amazing product we were sold. Our costs for shipping material have improved significantly due to greater efficiency and reduced labor and material costs. Thanks to the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® we no longer need to use expensive metal banding or a "turn-table" shrink wrap machine that only feebly wraps product to product instead of locking the product to the pallet. The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® is fast and does an outstanding job securing our product to the pallet. We have not had any packaging issues since we began using the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® one year ago! This piece of equipment is phenomenal!

Bob Hunter, Branch Manager (Houston, TX)
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Tab Wrapper Machine

Now introducing The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® Perfect Storm Fully Automated Wrapping System

  • Wraps pallets of All Shapes and Sizes
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Increases Throughput and Efficiencies
  • Economically Priced
  • Uniformed Wrap Applied Every Time
  • Designed with Safety and Ergononics in Mind
Tab Wrapper torando machine

Who Is TAB Industries, LLC

TAB Industries, LLC has been providing metal fabrication, warehousing, and distribution and logistics services to corporations both domestic and abroad since 2005. In 2011 TAB Industries, LLC introduced its own line of orbital stretch wrap machines, The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO. Ever since, this American made orbital stretch wrap machine has been quickly taking the packaging world by storm.

For more information on TAB Industries, LLC and the services that we offer, please visit or call 610-921-0012.



It is our goal at TAB Industries, LLC to provide quality products that offer a wide range of packaging solutions. The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO is a very versatile machine that is not industry specific. Since its inception in 2011, the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO orbital stretch wrap machine has been providing a reliable and economical solution to the more high-end, expensive packaging machines on the market.

Our industrial stretch wrap machine can be configured to be as standard or automated as the customer desires. Besides helping to eliminate freight damage claims, the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO also offers a wide range of other benefits including:

  • Economical pricing
  • Wraps products of different shapes and sizes – including irregular shaped and oversize loads
  • Features user friendly controls
  • Increases efficiencies and throughput
  • Uniformed wrap applied to every pallet
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reduces labor and material costs

Unlike standard stretch wrap machines or shrink wrappers that wrap product to product, the orbital technology of the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO allows product to be wrapped on a horizontal axis while never having to be removed from the forks of a forklift. The wrap applied by the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO safely secures the load to the pallet with a protective layer or film providing greater stability and protection for every shipment – even long or odd shape loads.


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