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One Person Packaging Department

Now, one operator can safely manage the entire pallet wrapping process without leaving the seat of the forklift – and without coming into contact with the product or with other workers.
The latest TAB Wrapper Tornado with wireless remote control and Smart Controls automatically wraps 360 degrees around and under the pallet and product to create a secure, unitized pallet load in less than one minute. No banding or strapping needed. No boxes, crates, corrugated containers or conveyors. With our automated pallet wrapping machine, the pallet stays on the forklift throughout the entire wrapping process.


  • Wrap stretch film around pallet load in seconds
  • End freight damage claims
  • Speed the packaging process
  • Stop hand wrapping injuries
  • Save on labor

Smart Controls

Our latest advance, Smart Controls transform the TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard, semi-automatic wrapping machines into automated stretch wrapping machines. This pallet wrapping machine offers an easy way to upgrade the level of automation and boost speed, efficiency, and safety at a highly economical price point.

This is the system we’d built to showcase at Fabtech but it was already sold and delivered. Nearly everyone we talk with is buying the Smart Controls stretch film machinery models this year.

Perfect Storm

Take a look at the safest, fastest, most efficient way to stretch wrap large volumes of palletized products of all kinds. TAB Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm fully automates the pallet wrapping process. It automatically knows when a pallet load is ready for wrapping, automatically calculates the pallet and product dimensions, automatically determines the ideal number of wraps, and automatically feeds, wraps, and discharges the pallet load safe and secure encased in protective plastic. 

New Box Wrapper

E-commerce shippers rejoice! Pack our orbital wrapping technology into this compact design for packaging small, loose, and low profile parts, and products. It’s ideal for securing small pieces to cardboard backing and for bundling multiple long items like metal rods or hockey sticks into a single unit for easier handling and lighter shipping. Or multi-pack small boxes into one, unitized load.

Save on packing materials, save time, and get your sales out the door faster. 

New Safety Scanners

Our new Safety Scanners automatically shut down the wrapping process if a worker enters an invisible field but forklifts are allowed to pass. Our proprietary sensor technology can discern the profile of a worker from a lift truck.

It emits the invisible field in a 180-degree arc from the front and back of the orbital wrapping machine. 

TAB Industries Metalworking

Our parent company offers metal fabrication, precision laser cutting, powder coating, welding, and a wide range of supply chain and critical support services. When we needed to better protect our own metal parts and products during transport to customers, we searched for the best way to wrap pallets and ultimately decided to design and manufacture the TAB Wrapper Tornado. 

” We ship a great deal of stainless fittings and we were having a lot of problems properly packaging our product to ensure that the material made it to its destination safely without damaging or losing pieces along the way. After spending less than a week using this amazing orbital wrapper we were sold. Our costs for shipping material have improved significantly due to greater efficiency and reduced labor and material costs.

Thanks to the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® stretch wrapping machine, we no longer need to use expensive metal banding or a “turn-table” shrink wrap machine that only feebly wraps product to product instead of locking the product to the pallet. The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® is fast and does an outstanding job securing our product to the pallet. We have not had any packaging issues since we began using the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® one year ago! This piece of equipment is phenomenal!”

Bob Hunter

Branch Manager,(Houston,TX)


Orbital Wrapper Manufacturer Earns Patent

Orbital Wrapper Manufacturer Earns Patent

TAB Industries Patents Design for TAB Wrapper Tornado Wrapping System  Reading, PA: Orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa. (www.tabwrapper.com), has earned U.S. Patent No. 11,021,281 B2 for the development of an orbital stretch wrapping...

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