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Why Use the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® as Your Go To Packaging Machine?

If you've been considering your packaging equipment needs and are looking for an economical solution to automate your shipping processes and save you time, money and hassle, we think you'll find the advantages of the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® are hard to beat!

The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® was specifically designed to improve pack-to-ship performance while minimizing labor requirements and reducing product damage, all at a price that's easy to live with when you compare it to competing packaging machinery on the market.

Want to see how the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® works?

  • Wraps standard, oversized and irregular shaped loads and locks product to the pallet for rock-solid stability.
  • Unlike other packaging machinery, there's no need to remove your products from the pallet before wrapping. The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® wraps product right on the pallet using a horizontal axis.
  • The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® sets up in less than an hour and is virtually maintenance-free.
  • The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® reduces workers' compensation claims by eliminating injuries associated with hand wrapping or using a metal banding machine.
  • Objects that are difficult to strap can now be wrapped securely with ease.
  • The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® can stretch wrap most loads in 1 minute or less.
  • The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® helps increase available floor space in the warehouse.
  • The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® drastically reduces the chance of product damage from shifting or sliding.
  • The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® is made in the USA and comes with a full warranty.
Wrapped Products
TAB Wrapper Tornado

It's time to put a different kind of packing equipment to work for you. Discover a better alternative to a banding machine that will improve your shipping efficiency while reducing your costs. Contact TAB Industries today to learn more about the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®, the packaging machine that's taking the packaging world by storm!

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