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About Us

TAB Industries has been providing warehousing, distribution and logistics services to global corporations since 2005. Currently, the company operates a 44,000 square foot modern facility and serves as the East Coast Distribution Center for DKS Steel Door and Frame Systems. They also handle warehousing for Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Giant Foods and Fidelity Technology.

Drawing from their experience in warehousing and distribution and their desire to provide their customers with quality service, the team at TAB Industries developed a superior stretch wrap packaging machine that solves many of the problems faced by companies all across the country. Introduced in 2011, The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® quickly took the packaging world by storm, offering an economical alternative to more expensive packaging machinery available from competitors.

To date, the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® has helped countless companies reduce labor and material costs, increase productivity and virtually eliminate freight damage claims.

Made in USA

The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO® is manufactured in the USA and comes with a full warranty. A customer can elected to ship us test pallets to wrap, TAB Industries will wrap their pallets on our in-house TAB WRAPPER TORNADO and videotape us doing so (we will email the video file to the customer for their review). At the conclusion of the test wrapping the customer is also responsible to schedule and cover the freight to ship the wrapped pallets back to their facility. With this method, the customer is able to see how their wrapped pallets will arrive at their customers’ facilities. The only thing the customer will need to provide is their test pallets and the freight to and from TAB Industries, LLC’s facility. For more information about the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO®, take a look at our demonstration videos or contact TAB Industries for a free consultation.

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