With TAB Wrapper Tornado, Each Operator Gets Own Controls

Reading, PA: To minimize worker contact and support compliance with social distancing guidelines in the workplace, packaging machinery manufacturer TAB Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa. (www.tabwrapper.com), has unveiled an optional, wireless, remote control package on its TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping systems that assigns a single, personal remote control to each forklift driver who operates the wrapping machine. Synching multiple remote controls to the same orbital wrapper, the new capability ensures each hand-held device remains with each operator at all times to prevent transfer from person to person and virtually eliminate the potential for cross-contamination.

When installed in tandem with the company’s optional, automated cut and wrap system, the personal remote control package enables a single forklift driver to manage the entire wrapping process from the seat of the forklift at the press of a button. To operate, the lift truck driver raises a pallet load and approaches the wrapping ring, presses the start button, and monitors the process as plastic film is automatically wrapped 360 degrees around and under the pallet and load to create a secure, unitized pallet load in as little as 15 seconds. By transforming a manual process that typically requires a two- or three-person crew into a solo operation, the orbital wrapper also allows companies struggling with reduced workforces to improve operations while minimizing worker interactions.

Designed and manufactured at the company’s Reading, Pa. headquarters, the personal, wireless remote control system is offered on all TAB Wrapper Tornado models that include the company’s automated cut and wrap system. The orbital wrappers are delivered tested, assembled and ready for installation with a full warranty. 

For more information, contact TAB Industries, LLC, 2525 N. 12th Street, Reading PA 19605; 610-921-0012; info@tabwrapper.com or see www.tabwrapper.com.