“Why did we wait so long?” might be a better question. Since most of our orbital wrapper customers were upgrading from manual hand wrapping, they nearly always asked me or their stretch film supplier what’s the best stretch wrap to use for automated pallet wrapping? There are so many different types of stretch wrap, different grades, gauges, thicknesses, and each type wraps better with some types of pallet loads than with others. A pallet load with cartons of a uniform size, shape, and weight needs less strength and tear-resistance than a pallet load carrying a variety of different parts and products with irregular shapes, different sizes and weights with multiple puncture points. 

The choice of stretch wrap can be very confusing. A lot of people try to get by using the cheapest plastic film available. Or they keep using the same the stretch wrap they were using for hand wrapping on their orbital wrapping machines. Or they use a much stronger stretch wrap than they need for lighter loads and end up spending more on film than they need to spend. Saving money is a big reason for automating the wrapping function so it’s important to find the right stretch wrap for the job and avoid any extra costs. 

To find the right wrap for the job, we often run tests for customers before they buy an orbital wrapper. We’ve performed hundreds of pallet wrapping tests on every type of pallet load using nearly every type of stretch wrap available – just like in this video. We’ve figured out how to match the ideal stretch wrap to the pallet load. And we know which types work best on our orbital wrappers so it unwinds smooth and cuts clean every time. After helping a customer who was struggling with ripped film (not the first call like this), we realized offering the wrapping machines wasn’t enough. To offer a complete solution, we needed to offer our customers exactly the right stretch wraps that we know are proven to work every time. 

We worked with our stretch wrap manufacturer to offer a selection of films proven to work exceptionally well on the TAB Wrapper Tornado. This line offers five different stretch wraps in a range of gauges and styles for every type of pallet load. Need extra puncture and tear resistance for metal parts? One-sided cling for easy stacking? High strength in a cold environment? You’re covered. We stock them by the pallet load in clear, blue, green, and black as standard in our Reading, PA warehouse. Or get a custom color or logo branded stretch wrap for extra marketing impact.

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