From a 2021 pricing study, an orbital stretch wrap machine costs anywhere from $20,000.00 – $30,000.00 to start based on semi-automatic orbital wrappers such as the TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapper with an 80-inch wrapping ring, for an example. At this starting price, it is one of the most economical pallet wrappers available from one of the leading orbital stretch wrapper manufacturers worldwide.

Most companies that have invested in this entry level stretch wrap machine report a payback period of less than one year up to two years depending on their pallet wrapping volume. This is determined by calculating the number of man-hours saved by upgrading from either a horizontal turntable wrapper or from manual stretch wrapping by hand, then multiplying by the hourly wages plus benefits. This orbital wrapper savings calculator neatly itemizes the labor costs and assists in calculating the packaging cost per pallet load.

Many owners and managers responsible for the safety of their staff and for the safe, intact delivery of their metal parts and/or other products look at the wrapping machine cost in relation to the cost of cuts, scrapes, back problems and other injury risks that happen when wrapping by hand, along with the cost of worker’s comp claims (which also happen when wrapping by hand). It’s easy to quantify the cost of cutting worker’s comp claims to zero but not quite as easy to quantify the peace of mind knowing your staff is using a safe pallet wrapper, or to quantify the morale boost among the workers using the new pallet wrapping machine

How much does an automated pallet wrapper cost?

To automate the semi-automatic orbital wrapper and allow the operator to wrap the pallet load using a wireless remote control from the seat of the forklift, the TAB Wrapper Tornado may be fitted with a wireless automation package and automated cut and wrap device. This enables one worker to manage the entire packaging department. Orbital stretch wrappers like this with an 80-inch wrapping ring cost anywhere from $25,000.00. – $35,000.00. A variety of installation-specific accessories can be added.

Other companies price orbital wrappers from more than $50,000.00 depending on the level of automation and other factors from a starting price of more than $30,000.00. One reason the TAB Wrapper Tornado offers a high quality orbital wrapper at a lower price point than these other stretch wrappers is that they are “Made in USA” – designed and manufactured entirely at the TAB Industries headquarters in Reading, PA, using high quality parts manufactured on-site. Several other orbital wrapper suppliers manufacture outside the United States. This can make quality control a challenge, add freight costs, and create potential supply chain and customs issues crossing the border. Good luck with spare parts and service calls.

See the most cost-effective blend of savings and automation with the Smart Controls TAB Wrapper Tornado.