TAB Industries, LLC Employee Appreciation Lunch

Last week TAB Industries, LLC celebrated our annual employee appreciation lunch. Although we had to do things a little different this year, it was a well-deserved, socially distant break for all. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all our employees and their continued hard work during these difficult times.

This pandemic has been challenging, to say the least, for many worldwide, and TAB Industries, LLC feels it is important to help and give back to the community whenever possible. As a result, the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance (GRCA) held a promotion to help local small businesses in our area. Being a small, family owned business ourselves, we felt that this was an important cause to support. GRCA’s promotion consisted of picnic baskets filled with various items and goods from businesses across our community. These picnic baskets were a perfect way to safely celebrate our Employee Appreciation Day and support our community at the same time.

TAB Industries, LLC will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC and take proper precautionary measures to keep all our hardworking employees and valued customers safe during these trying times and we wish all a safe and happy summer.

Enjoying some socially distant fun in the sun!
Enjoying some socially distant fun in the sun!
Enjoying some socially distant fun in the sun!

Last month, TAB Industries, LLC exhibited at the MODEX Show in Atlanta, GA. At our booth we had a stand-alone 80″ TAB WRAPPER TORNADO with a wireless remote, auto-cut device, and bumper guard installed. During the show we had an opportunity to be interviewed by MODEX TV. We want to thank our dedicated staff and everyone at MODEX for another successful show. For more information on the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine or for a formal quotation, please feel free to give us a call (610-921-0012) or send us an email (


How to Select a Stretch Wrapping Machine for Your Application

Learning how to operate and finding the right stretch wrapping machine may seem overwhelming for some organizations at first. However, if you want your fabrication, warehouse, or distribution facility to be as efficient as possible, investing in this type of equipment is a must. We at TAB Industries, LLC encourage our customer base to feel free to reach out to us to ensure that the right machine is recommended for each specific application.

How Does a Shrink Wrap Machine Work?

A shrink wrap machine is an important investment for many manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers. The implementation of one of these machines will allow the operator to easily and efficiently wrap product to pallet with a protective layer of film. The application of the film can either be done in an orbital or vertical fashion. Unlike with metal or poly strapping, the film completely covers the product on the pallet, preventing said product from shifting in transit and protecting it from its surrounding environment. Once one becomes familiar with the operation and benefits of implementing a shrink wrap machine into one’s application, you may find that this type of machine is an ideal investment for your operation. There are various companies that make these machines, but our solutions are highly effective and very simple to use.

Why Packaging Equipment Is Important

When you are packaging any type of product, the details matter. If something is not packaged in the right manner, it is likely to get damaged. This is especially true in today’s world where products need to move fast from one location to the next. Moving fast shouldn’t mean a compromise in care or attention. With the right type of packaging equipment, you are able to reduce your costs and ensure everything is packed quickly and securely.

Why People Prefer Automatic Stretch Wrappers?

In today’s world, automation is king. If you need to ship out a large amount of product on a daily basis but you simply do not have the workforce to keep up with the volume, a fully automated orbital wrapping system may be just what you are looking for.

What Are the Benefits It Offers?

An automatic stretch wrapping system, like the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Perfect Storm, is designed to provide you with a very fast and easy way to wrap pallets and product of all shm, is designed to provide you with a very fast and easy way to wrap pallets and product of all shapes and sizes. Our user-friendly controls and full color PLC screen make it extremely easy to operate one of these fully automated systems. Simply set product on the infeed conveyor and the wrapping system will automatically index said product through the wrapping process.

The implementation of one of a TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Perfect Storm will allow a company to increase throughput and effiencies, uniformly wrap all pallets, reduce labor costs, and safely and ergonomically prepare your products for shipment.

Why Is It Right for Your Operation?

For those who are considering a fully automatic stretch wrapping system, turn to our team to learn more. The TAB WRAPPER TORNADO Perfect Storm is one of the most effective fully automated stretch wrapping systems available. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information on our line of fully automated orbital wrapping systems.