The best aspect about orbital wrapping machines is that they are not industry specific. Orbital wrappers can be integrated into many applications and immediately help a company to save cost and time.

There are a variety of these style machines on the market, however each is a bit different from the next. It is important to pick an orbital wrapping machine that is best suited for your needs and budget.

How Do They Work

Orbital wrapping machines, like the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO, wrap plastic film 360 degrees around and under a pallet. When wrapping on the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO, the pallet can either be supported by a forklift or by gravity or powered conveyors.

Most shrink and stretch wrapping machines, such as turntable style wrappers, wrap product to product and only secure the product to the pallet with a thin layer of film. As a result, when wrapped in this style, the product is more susceptible to shifting while in transit.

Thanks to the orbital technology used by the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO, the product is wrapped directly to the pallet. This creates a tight, secure, and unitized load that will help to reduce freight damage claims, increase the efficiency of one’s packing process, and save on costs.

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