Another year and we’re happy to report another record for TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital stretch wrapping system sales. We’re grateful for everyone who wanted to buy a new orbital stretch wrap machine and selected ours as the best stretchwrapper at the right price. A couple of years ago, we projected:

“…another big increase in our Smart Controls wrapping units. These stretch wrapping machines were up 100 percent in units delivered in 2021 versus 2020.”

This year, it turns out that our Smart Controls automated stretch wrappers sales increased not by 100 percent but by 180 percent, helping us top $4 million in 2023 for the first time. Why is this particular model the best-selling wrapping machine versus other stretchwrap machines?

Entry Level Automation

Our Smart Controls orbital wrappers automate the pallet wrapping process with a patented approach focusing on dependability and ease-of-use. It’s approachable and inviting for anyone working in a packaging department or warehouse. Entry level workers can learn to wrap pallets and feel comfortable repeating the process in about 20 minutes. Owners and managers can easily integrate a level of automation into the workflow that immediately boosts production efficiency and throughput but doesn’t require any complex programming or networking with other machines. Most pallet loads can be tightly wrapped in 30 seconds or less by one worker using a remote control from the seat of the forklift. No manual, physical labor or concern for splinters and back injuries.

Economical Price Point

We’ve priced the Smart Controls stretch wrappers at a very digestable price point that several new customers said is unexpectedly low given the high level of packaging automation being delivered. We’re able to do this because we manufacture and assemble our orbital wrapping machines in-house, we manufacture more than 90 percent of the orbital wrapper parts in-house, and we recently expanded our manufacturing facility to increase capacity and streamline workflow for even greater efficiency. We’re keeping costs under control so we can keep pricing low. That means fast payback times of often less than a year. Given overseas supply chain disruptions, our Made in USA mantra provides certainty and actually helps control costs.

Automatically Fast Lead Times

With our plant expansion and workflow reconfiguration now fully assimilated into our operation, we’ve been able to build these orbital stretch wrappers faster for faster lead times and faster deliveries. You don’t have to wait eight months for your Smart Controls orbital wrapper or even eight weeks. We’ve been delivering new orbital stretch wrap machines in four weeks or less. During Q4 of 2023, a number of customers were able to secure budgets thanks to the certainty that we could meet these tight lead times.

Latest Wrapping Innovations

At FABTECH, we introduced several innovations that come with the Smart Controls orbital wrapping machines at no extra charge. We updated the wrapping ring design for smoother rotation with less vibration, updated the counterbalance design for higher strength and faster manufacturing, and added a textured, anti-scuff, powder coated finish to the machine guarding to keep it looking fresh year after year. It’s not easy to quantify how much these advances contributed to the sales record but these updates provide an overall better quality wrapping machine, an overall better user experience, and a greater value for the investment. Stay tuned for more!

See Smart Controls orbital wrappers here.