Orbital wrappers run on electricity but the electrical requirements differ among orbital wrapping machines manufactured by different orbital wrapping machine companies in different parts of the world. We designed the TAB Wrapper Tornado line of orbital stretch wrappers based primarily on the pallet wrapping needs of manufacturers in North America. In terms of electrical needs and electronics, this means we design our stretch wrappers to match the electrical capabilities common to most industrial facilities in America.

Since nearly every manufacturing plant in the United States uses 120v or 240v electrical service, we designed our orbital wrappers to provide peak wrapping performance with a choice of either 120 volts or 240 volts. Our electrical specs:

  • TAB Wrapper Tornado 100 inch wrapping ring: 240v single phase
  • TAB Wrapper Tornado 80 inch wrapping ring: 120v single phase
  • TAB Wrapper Tornado 40 inch wrapping ring: 240v single phase

Our largest model uses 240v because the large electrical drive needs more AC power to spin around the big wrapping ring than the 120v service can consistently deliver. Our smallest model also uses 240v despite the much smaller wrapping ring because more power is needed to generate the right amount of torque required to spin the roll of stretch wrap at the right speed within the much smaller wrapping ring.

But even 120v and 240v are not compatible or ideal for every facility. If a facility already uses 480v, three phase power, for example, and prefers an orbital wrapper that fits the same electrical power system, we can upgrade the voltage of any of our TAB Wrapper Tornado pallet wrapping machines with a different motor and associated electronic components to run on 480v, three phase power. We typically stock these electrical drive parts and can usually offer this without affecting our lead times.

Whichever orbital wrapper you decide to buy, automated, semi-automatic, or somewhere in between, when our truck delivers your TAB Wrapper Tornado, it’s ready to plug in and operate – it’s that easy.

See the orbital stretch wrappers at www.tabwrapper.com.