The TAB Wrapper Tornado Smart Controls automatic pallet wrappers rank as our best selling orbital wrapping machine since we introduced it in the summer of 2019. It’s an advanced control system that effectively transforms our semi-automated, base model Standard orbital stretch wrap machines into far more automated stretch wrapping machines – but at a very economical price point.

Automatic Pallet Wrapper History
Before we developed the Smart Controls concept, we offered a range of semi-automated orbital wrappers on one end of the spectrum and fully automated orbital wrappers called the TAB Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm on the other end of the spectrum. The full automation wrapping systems typically involve a series of sensors, powered conveyors, and custom options to take a pallet load from a forklift, wrap it up, and discharge it – all without operator involvement. For bigger companies with a lot of pallet loads to wrap, our fully automated systems have done well and cut their overall costs. But smaller companies usually don’t need that level of automation.

The semi-automated orbital wrappers wrap the pallet load automatically when compared to manual stretch wrapping but need an operator to press and hold a button while managing the wrapping process, and gradually driving the forklift forward or back as the stretch wrap encircles the pallet and load. Our customers have been very happy with these orbital wrappers but we realized it would be better if we could minimize the level of multi-tasking involved for the lift truck driver, especially as it started getting more and more difficult for companies to find skilled lift truck drivers. That sparked the development of our Smart Controls orbital wrappers.

With the Smart Controls, the lift truck driver presses and releases the start button once on the remote control to start the wrapping process. When the pallet load is wrapped, the driver presses and releases the stop button on the remote control to end the wrapping process. The Smart Controls automatically cut the stretch wrap and hold onto the end of the plastic film roll so it’s ready to wrap the next pallet load without any struggle.

Making Automation Affordable
Instead of developing an entire model lineup around this technology, we applied the Smart Controls to our Standard, semi-automated model TAB Wrapper Tornado stretch wrappers. This way, we were able to keep the development costs down and continue using the same manufacturing process for these new wrapping machines. So we can build them fairly quickly. And we were able to meet a reasonable price point not much more than our semi-automated wrappers – but far less than our fully automated, custom wrapping solutions – that smaller companies appreciate.

But we also know that everyone’s packaging department runs a little differently so we offer a number of optional accessories such as our Dual Dispensing system for faster wrapping, our Safety Scanners to automatically sound the alarm if a worker gets too close, and our built-in video screen that allows operators to access instructional videos right at the wrapping machine where and when they’re most useful.

Smart Controls models arrive ready to plug in and operate just like the other orbital wrapper models. Our customers have said their staff feels fully trained and confident about using the machine within 30 minutes. With a 45 percent increase for 2022 in year over year sales following a 55 percent increase in sales from 2021, it looks like the Smart Controls TAB Wrapper Tornado stretchwrappers offer just the right level automation at just the right price.

See the Smart Controls models here.