Why We’ve Gone Even Bigger with TAB Wrapper Tornado

We’re building our TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrappers bigger as standard so you can wrap larger and larger pallet loads. Not too long ago, the record for our largest orbital stretch wrapper was a 115-inch machine that we designed and manufactured as a custom order. Last year, we broke our record with a 130-inch wrapping machine.

From a look at the orders over the last several years, we noticed demand trending to the larger models by a wide margin and decided to take the hint: most of our customers need bigger machines – not just to wrap their metal parts and products today but also to be able to wrap whatever big pallet loads might come through the plant in the future. Plus, with the very reasonable price difference from one model up to the next, it just seems to make sense to go bigger for most people.

These are the new TAB Wrapper Tornado sizes for 2023:
80” Accommodates 48″ x 48″ skid
100″ Accommodates a 60″ x 60″ skid
115″ Accommodates a 50″ wide pallet x 95″ tall

The size refers to the wrapping ring diameter, not to the outer dimensions of the orbital wrapping machine. These standard sizes are available on the automated TAB Wrapper Tornado Smart Controls, semi-automated TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard, and fully automated TAB Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm.

We deliver all of these standard models tested, inspected, and fully assembled by flatbed truck. Even the 115-inch wrapping machine arrives ready to plug in and operate.

Of course, we still know how to build our 40-inch orbital wrapper for 24” x 24” pallets and our 50-inch model so they are available as custom orders. Who knows what the future may bring? There could be even more sizes available as standard models on the horizon.

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