TAB Wrapper Tornado Eliminates Contact with Metal Banding, Strapping

Reading, PA: The TAB Wrapper Tornado from orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa. (, enables metal fabricators, distributors and others to safeguard stainless steel rods, bars, sheets, drums, parts and other products from corrosion due to contact with dissimilar metals. Ensuring the stainless steel parts and products remain safely intact both in storage and during transportation, the TAB Wrapper Tornado cocoons the high-grade metal in 360 degrees of plastic stretch film on secure, unified, palletized loads that eliminate the metal strapping and banding often required when cartoning or wrapping loads manually. The potential for metal banding to tear the packaging during transit and contaminate, scratch or scuff the stainless steel is eliminated along with the risk of costly, rejected orders and rework.

Offering weather-resistant protection, the TAB Wrapper Tornado also helps protect stainless steel parts and products from rust, pitting and corrosion from exposure to moisture, salt, and other environmental factors. “We ship a great deal of stainless fittings and were having a lot of problems properly packaging our product to ensure that the material made it to its destination safely without damaging or losing pieces,” says Bob Hunter, Branch Manager for TA CHEN International Inc. “Thanks to the TAB Wrapper Tornado, we no longer need to use expensive metal banding nor turntable stretch wrap units and we have not had any packaging issues since we began using it.”

The orbital wrappers are designed and manufactured at the company’s Reading, Pa. headquarters and delivered with a warranty ready for operation. A choice of fully automated and semi-automated wrappers is offered to meet nearly any requirements.

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