We designed the TAB Wrapper Tornado line of orbital wrapping machines to operate in tough industrial environments with relatively few wear parts for very little maintenance – there isn’t much that can break or happen to it when used for pallet wrapping as intended. In fact, when writing a maintenance checklist for the operator’s manual, we barely filled up half of a page.

But just because we use very few wear parts doesn’t mean these wear parts can be ignored for years without consequence. Standard orbital wrapper units use a metal blade to cut the end of the roll every time a pallet is stretch wrapped. It typically lasts up to a year before it needs to be replaced but it dulls over time. If a dull blade is allowed to stay in service then it may leave a jagged edge at the end of the wrap after cutting and create stretch film waste shards that could clog the auto-cut cylinder and/or air solenoid. A few short minutes of minor blade replacement maintenance can prevent a long, frustrating pallet wrapper repair situation.

Drive wheels and guide wheels enable the stretch wrap dispensing unit to spin around the wrapping ring – smooth and easy. They typically last up to five years before replacement might need to be considered. But its rubber tread wears over time and if not checked periodically, it can detach from the cast iron hub. It only takes a few seconds to check. And that’s much better than suffering a few hours or days dealing with a part failure and stretch wrapper repair. Greasing the fittings a few times per year and checking the hardware once in a while to be sure everything is tight and working as specified does not take more than a few minutes. We’ll even show you how to do it on-site in person if necessary.

Pallet Wrapper Maintenance Made Easier

As easy as it is to maintain a TAB Wrapper Tornado compared to many other packaging and material handling machines, we know it’s natural to skip routine maintenance when the stretch wrapper just works and works and works and everything seems fine. So we’ve made it even easier with new Preventative Maintenance Kits.

These pre-assembled kits provide the exact OEM components and/or sub-assemblies required to replace the drive wheel assembly, automated cut and wrap device, automated exhaust blower, stretch wrap roll dispensing unit, or other wear part fast, safely, and easily. We usually stock these parts and ship out within 24 hours but why risk any downtime at all when you can keep these kits on hand in your facility?

See the orbital wrapper spare parts kits here.