I don’t get many calls for troubleshooting the TAB Wrapper Tornado so it was a little surprising when the word troubleshooting showed up with the brand names of other orbital wrappers, pallet wrappers, and stretch wrappers in our Website analytics. User manual and similar words also showed up with the names of other wrapping machine manufacturers. It turns out there are a lot of packaging and material handling managers who are frustrated with their wrapping machines. We figure they start investigating how to troubleshoot their brand of stretchwrapper and end up clicking on articles about the best pallet wrappers or best stretch wrap machines, where they learn about the TAB Wrapper Tornado.

With so many companies short on experienced technical staff, what people mean by “best pallet wrapper” today seems to have changed a bit. People used to consider the fastest wrapping machine the best, now they look for the easiest, most dependable wrapping machine. Of course, the TAB Wrapper Tornado can wrap a pallet load in as little as 15 seconds so I’d say it probably checks the fastest box as well as the easiest and most dependable boxes.

The key reason our wrapping machine rarely needs troubleshooting is we intentionally tried to prevent problems at the design stage with simplicity. It’s patent-pending as a breakthrough for wrapping 360 degrees around and under the pallet and load but using it is easy enough for entry level summer help.

It’s essentially an automated mechanical arm holding a stretch wrap roll going around and around in circles on a one-piece, steel ring – very much the same process that’s been done by hand for years – to the dismay of everyone that’s ever had to suffer doing it manually. There just isn’t a lot that can go wrong. We offer a lot of automated enhancements and accessories but we avoid some of the bells and whistles that seem to be causing headaches, downtime, and online searches for troubleshooting help.

Workmanship is another reason we don’t get many troubleshooting questions. We’re a metalworking company and we manufacture nearly all of the parts for the TAB Wrapper Tornado in-house in our Reading, Pa. headquarters. We laser cut the steel machine guarding. We fabricate the steel frame. We do the welding and assembly. We setup the electronics. We test and inspect before allowing it to be delivered. We know it’s going to work for years or we wouldn’t put our name on it. If there ever is an issue, we keep replacement parts in stock at all times and can manufacture parts as needed.

And we’re a family-owned, American company so if there ever is a situation, you can call, text or email and get to a real person who knows how to help. You might even get my Dad on the phone – and he designed the TAB Wrapper Tornado. That’s real help, and real service.